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I'm a New York City-based designer with over three years of experience in the design and marketing industry. My skills include developing digital and print assets, crafting e-commerce listings, producing web content, and brand designing. My diverse background in various industries has allowed me to bring creative solutions to design challenges. I stay current on the latest generative AI technology tools to enhance my design capabilities.

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Tzumi Electronics

Tzumi Electronics, a consumer electronics manufacturer with over 40 years of retail experience, offers quality products that enhance the offerings of major retailers globally. In my role as a digital designer at Tzumi, I worked closely with brand directors and the marketing team to design and create digital assets, with a focus on e-commerce listings, such as Walmart and Shopify.


Polished is a content-driven, technology-enabled shopping destination for appliances, furniture, and home goods. Forte is a brand for kitchen appliances that is intrinsically intertwined with 20th-century Italian history. At the marketing department of Polished, I led the entire photography of the brand and created visually compelling themes for our images, which resulted in an organized overall look on our websites and the distributors, such as Home Depot, and Appliances Connection.



Al-Nour is a women's apparel brand developed by a start-up, and I had the privilege of spearheading the complete brand design process. This encompassed an array of elements such as logo design, meticulously curated color palette, as well as the creation of accessories. The vibrant pattern that I crafted for this brand draws its inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional Middle Eastern mosaic art, adding an enchanting touch to the collection.