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Hengameh Fallah (born in Iran, 1986), is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and former scientist living in Brooklyn, NY. She holds an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from the City University of New York, and a PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of North Texas.

Her art is a reflection of the human experience, both as individuals and as members of a larger community. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she explores the complexity of human emotions and how they shape our lives. She seeks to create connections between people, to evoke empathy and understanding, and to inspire dialogue and reflection. Her work is both personal and universal, drawing from her own experiences and observations while also speaking to broader societal issues. 

Her main works are Partners In Crime (2017, Gibney, Manhattan, NY), a community theater project, Ingress (2019, Spectrum, Brooklyn, NY), an experimental theater piece presented at the Emruz Festival, hCG in quarantine, a virtual performance piece presented at the Emruz Virtual Series (2020, Instagram Live), Ramz/رمز, a multimedia virtual performance piece presented at the reconnect Festival (2021, Zoom), and Hasht Peykar/هشت پیکر, an immersive experience, (2022, Bedstuy Art House).

Coming from a computational science background, she is experimenting working at the intersection of technology and art, creating code-art and immersive experiences. She is also exploring experimental films, moving images, and video art. She collaborated as a video designer in Lula 19/85 at the New Works Festival, the Brick Theater. 
She founded Aasoo Performing Arts, a platform for creating diverse, collaborative, and individual multidisciplinary art projects.

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